Our schools provide an educational experience in the context of night and day prayer.  It is a Singing Seminary and an “Antioch Sending Center” where students train and are sent. The Prayer Room is central to the life of our students; and prayer is central to our training.We give our students the opportunity to pray and sing what they study, being convinced that, as Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, “Revelation abolishes religion.”

Our students go through a rigorous curriculum coupled with hands-on leadership training. They are in class daily, as well as weekly practicums. Our 7-module “MAPS Foundations” curriculum is specialized training in Christology, Supernatural Ministry and Personal Healing, Theology of Day and Night Prayer, New Testament Survey and History of Missions, and Intro to End Time Study.

The Prayer Room and classroom are accompanied by communities of fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, that are walking side by side as they contend for breakthrough in a culture of prayer and revival. Laborers ultimately reflect the culture they train in and are sent from. One of the most valuable aspects of our schools is the greenhouse of a healthy community they will be surrounded by.  Every student who trains in one of our schools will not only be joining a school, but a spiritual family.

Every MAPS student will be placed in a Leadership Training Group (LTG) with 4-5 other students. These groups will meet weekly to pray for one another, build each other up, discuss key leadership concept. Everyone in MAPS will also be paired with a Student Development Leader (SDL) , who will walk them through their personal growth and development during the school. These leaders will devote hours of one-on-one focused coaching to challenge, equip, and encourage each student to rise to their fullest potential. Students will also have the opportunity to be a part of topical discussion groups, and special community events and retreats.

With their daily classes, LTG’s, daily prayer meetings, and community life our students will grow together into a strong band of leaders and friends who are empowered to launch into the 90 day placement in Semester 2.

Semester 2 is the Missions Placement portion of our schools. Our students will be in specific training for cross cultural and frontier missions during their 4 week pre-deployment followed by a 90 experience in among an Unreached People Group . Students will be placed on teams that will be sent together to serve day and night prayer and evangelism in some of the hardest and darkest places on earth. Each team will pray through their assignment, raise funds together, cast vision together and be sent together. This placement is designed to strengthen and build our Global Bases as well as give our students a tremendously valuable experience in team leadership in a cross cultural context. We are always amazed at the stories that they return with!


$3,000 for training

TBD for outreach


August 19th – May 29th (10 months)