MAPS Global is a global missions organization focused on mobilizing, training and sending singing missionaries to plant and build bases for prayer, worship, outreach, and training in strategic cities across the 10-40 window. We have designed a 3-Phase approach to equip young leaders for the unique dynamics of prayer and missions in this generation:


    MAPS has multiple 1 year schools around the country. We are currently running schools in VA /FL/KC.  These schools are an immersion into the culture of prayer and missions and an introduction to its biblical foundations. Our schools include 1 semester of training and 1 semester of sending.  During the 1st semester, focused time is taken on the student’s personal healing and identity in Jesus. It is important to us that our young leaders and missionaries are healthy and whole individuals who have experienced healing and restoration in their personal lives and in turn can minister that healing to those that are broken and hurting. Alongside this focus on personal healing,  instructors from around the nation will teaching a 7 module course on God’s grand plan for the nations, the Spirit’s activity in this generation, hearing the voice of God, introduction to day and night prayer, supernatural ministry, history of missions, and many more relevant classes aimed at equipping them for the challenges they will face both theologically and practically in leadership in the decades to come. During this phase our students will have the opportunity for “hands on” training in leading corporate prayer, worship leading, singing or playing their instrument in a prayer and worship. Our goal is for our students to develop a life in the Spirit, Biblical understanding, and practical leadership skills to be successful in their long-term assignments.

    During the 2nd semester of our schools, our students will be in specific training for cross cultural and frontier missions. Students will be placed on teams that will be sent together for 90 days into an unreached nation serving day and night prayer and evangelism at one our bases in the 10-40 window. Each team will pray through their assignment, raise funds, cast vision and be sent together. This phase is designed to give our students the tremendously valuable experience in team leadership on the frontier that will expand their perspective and worldview. We are always amazed at the stories that they return with!


    This second phase of MAPS is focused on leadership training and staff development. The focus of Phase 2 is to develop our staff for mid and long-term missions. Partnership development, team building, language and further cross cultural studies are the focus of this phase as our staff prepare to deploy on their mid and long-term assignments.


    MAPS Global plants and builds strategic bases for prayer, worship, outreach, and training in key cities across the 10-40 window. There are strategic locations within the frontier regions of global missions where God is raising up regional hubs with a strong emphasis on corporate worship and prayer, training, and outreach. MAPS Global deploys short/mid/long-term teams that will serve to strengthen and build these expressions. Our teams serve the day to day running of these bases and the staffing of the Prayer Rooms. Our core teams provide a sustainable ongoing reality that provides a platform by which many organizations and churches can engage in prayer, worship, training and outreach within the Global Bases.