The Dreams are Plentiful, but the Interpreters are Few

Dreams, visions, and encounters with the “Man in white” have undoubtedly played an important role in the salvation of many in the Middle East. While many of these dreams appear to have a plan interpretation to us believers, it is not always the case to the recipient. Often times, the dream prepares the way for the interpreter to come.

This concept is not new. In the Old Testament, it took interpreters like Joseph and Daniel to make dreams plain for the recipient. (Gen 40,41; Dan 2,4) Even Saul, after having a powerful encounter with the risen Christ, had to wait blind for three days until a believer came to him. Only then did he regain his sight and was baptized; immediately proclaiming in the synagogues, “He is the Son of God.” (Acts 9)

I recently met a man who had a dream of a “Man in white”, yet despite the peace he felt in the dream, he was still anxious to know its meaning. This story is not an exception.

My hope is that we would view these dreams not just as great testimonies, but as an invitation to engage Muslim peoples wherever they may be. Who knows what great lengths the Lord has gone to prepare their hearts until we take the time to ask?

-Ryon Peyton, MAPS Graduate


Placement Update

Placement so far has been a whirlwind of activity. We have been busy learning Arabic, doing sets in the Prayer Room, serving in house church, going on outreaches in the refugee camps, and even catching escaped pet falcons…
Last Saturday a few of our team were blessed to minister at a house church. There we heard a powerful testimony of a man who was a Muslim background believer. When this man took a stand for Christianity, he was kidnapped. He was shot in the head and thrown out of the car, dead. Martyred for his Lord. Sometime later a taxi driver saw him lying beside the road and took him to the hospital where he came back from the dead. He testifies of seeing Jesus and being sent back to life. I met this man at house church and was moved by his testimony. What the heck? He dies a martyr, and the Lord sends Him back because He was not finished with him!
During our visit to this house church Sebastian had a word of knowledge for a knee(s) needing healing, and about half of the group raised their hands. We prayed for healing, and many experienced significant improvement. Several other healings occurred, including emotional healing. One of the ladies I prayed for had been feeling a heavy burden when she came in, and she said that when I prayed it lifted off of her and she felt so much lighter.
I can’t describe the blessing it has been to serve and minister to the persecuted church. It’s humbling and honoring to know that the Lord chose me to come and serve. He was not obligated to choose me, and He certainly could have chosen so many others far more gifted than me. I find myself wondering, “Lord, what have I done to deserve this? I am the least of all worthy to wash the feet of Your saints.” But yet I am here. I am blessed, and I shake my head in delighted amazement that the Lord would be so good to me.
Monday again gave cause to rejoice. I was privileged to see some of the Yazidi children again that I met on my first trip to Iraq. Going to see them was optional, and being exhausted I almost stayed back to rest. But the Lord said go, so I went. I am so glad I did, seeing them again was such a blessing! I had so much fun playing with the children and was reminded of the love of the Father. I am excited to continue to minister to them more in the coming months.
Tuesday I went to a refugee camp and was able to play with the kids there. It was wild and crazy and fun. The kids in this camp are very starved for attention, very wild, and often physically rough with us and one another. But they love it when we come and don’t want us to leave (they will mob the car and try to hold on to it, and chase after the car as we try to go). We continue to pray for supernatural emotional healing for them, and for their salvations. We will be starting classes soon in this camp (English, soccer and crafts) and are praying that the Lord will use these classes to open doors for the gospel.
And yes, while playing with the kids in the camp I was called upon to catch an escaped pet falcon…
This Friday, Faith and I will are beyond blessed to get to start working in one of the camps as grief and trauma counselors for girls ages 15-25. We are allowed to openly share the gospel at this time, praise the Lord! We are both very excited to serve in this capacity. We are contending for supernatural healing, and a door for the gospel to be opened.
-Hannah Davis, MAPS Student