The Man in White – We Must Go

In the Middle East the Lord has been moving in powerful ways and many are having dreams of a Man in white. While ministering in a refugee camp during my 90 day placement I encountered many such stories, including the following testimony. I had befriended a middle aged mom of a large family. A few of us had gone to her tent to spend a few hours with her. While we were there, she pointed to her nine year old daughter and said that when she was her daughters age she had had a dream. Throughout the years this dream had stayed with her, and she had never forgotten it. She started to share the dream with us.

“I was in a basement with my two brothers when a Man walked down into the basement with us. His head and hair were white like wool, He shined like light and fire. One of my brothers was huddle and shivering cold. He walked up to him and wrapped him in a white blanket and said, ‘So you will never be cold again.’ My other brother was starving with hunger. He walked up to him and gave him food and said, ‘So you will never be hungry again.’ Then He turned to leave. My heart dropped within me. At first I was afraid to chase after Him, but then I couldn’t stand it so I ran after Him. I grabbed Him and said, ‘Wait, what about me? Where is my gift?’ and He turned to me and said, ‘not yet.’ and then He left. Now all these years I’ve been wondering and waiting for His gift. Now my daughter is the age I was when I had the dream, and I am still wondering when I will get my gift from Him.” One of the believers with me turned to Revelation 1 in the Arabic Bible and showed our friend the passage describing Jesus amongst the lampstands. Our friend began to proclaim with loud shock and excitement, “This was the Man! This was the Man in my dream! How do you know Him? Do you know the gift He has for me?” We shared the gospel with her, the gift of eternal life, which she had never heard before. She could not believe what we had to share and after this time with her she showed continued interest by regularly spending time to talk with the missionaries there and asking questions.

This experience was both inspiring and provoking to me. On one hand, I walked away with my heart burning hotter for Jesus than before, my heart filled with hope that He is indeed reaching out to Muslims with beauty of His countenance. My heart rejoices because there is no one like my God, no one like my King. He is going before His sent ones preparing the way and opening doors for the Gospel like never before.

But on the other hand, I left feeling the weight of the magnitude of the injustice bearing down on me. This woman had a dream of Jesus, the Man in white, and yet she had to wait 30 years before she met a believer who could tell her what the gift was that He wanted to give her. She had lived decades of her entire life under the oppression of Islam before ever hearing the hope of the gospel. This woman whose heart had been so overcome by the beauty of Jesus in her dream that she ran after Him, grabbed Him and would not let go until He promised her a gift, had then spent years pondering, hoping, wondering and waiting before meeting a Christian.

The question and the injustice rages inside of me. My beloved, why are we not going? Have we not seen the beauty of the Man of Jesus Christ ourselves? If this muslim woman would be so moved by seeing Jesus that she would run after Him, without even knowing the hope of the Gospel, how are we as believers who do have the hope of the gospel not even more so gripped by it? My beloved, it is not okay that this woman had to wait 30 years wondering before she met someone who could tell her who the Man in her dream was. It is not okay that 40% of the world has no access to the saving message of the gospel. It is not okay that my Jesus would die on a crossbeam so that every tribe, tongue, people and nation could enter into priestly and kingly ministry with Him and yet 2,000 years later almost half of the world would still not be singing to Him. It is not okay that 2,000 years after we as the church have been given all authority on heaven or on earth and commanded to go we still have almost half of the task remaining. This is not okay. The time is urgent, we have taken too long, we must go! We must finish the task! Our Jesus is worthy of the song every tribe, nation, people, and tongue and we must not stop until this is a reality on earth.

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