If we ask, He will respond


This trip to Iraq has been an incredible journey where the Lord has spoken to me and used me in mighty ways of power! Coming to Iraq was exciting but also discouraging. I was excited because I had big expectations for God to show up mightily here in the lives of many, including my own. At the same time, I was discouraged because there were friends back at home that could not make the journey with us. Yet, we press on regardless of the circumstance knowing there are lives to be impacted and we get to embrace the Lord’s plan that’s in front of us. So far on this trip the Lord has been giving many dreams speaking to me about this trip and my own personal life. God has also been displaying his healing power through me as I’m amazed with what He has been done and the people who got healed.


During the preparation process for the trip, our team asked the Lord to give usd dreams and to speak to us regarding the trip. Several weeks pass by and I might have 1 or 2 small dreams but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I kept asking God for dreams but didn’t receive much but kept pressing in for more. Once we arrived in Northern Iraq I instantly start having dreams. I was having dreams every night and it wasn’t uncommon for me to have two or three in the same night. One night I even had about 7 back to back dreams. Even now I am getting dreams often but not as often as that first month! The Lord is still continually speaking to me through the night, he loves to show me things in my sleep. These dreams have been pertaining to me and my team about our mission here, but also the Lord has been speaking to me very powerfully about my own personal life. One dream seemed so realistic, I actually I spoke to the Youth pastor and I told him I had to leave and wake up because I knew this was a dream! He even spoke back to me and hugged me as I walked out and left!


God has been incredibly using me as a vessel to display his amazing work of healing. So far I have prayed for and seen two broken hands, one sprained wrist and other various aches and pains healed! My favorite testimony of healing was a man who broke his hand in three places. My team and I went into a muslim man’s tent in the refugee camp with his family, we introduced ourselves and told him that we are Christians. I noticed he had a wrap around his hand and I asked him what was wrong. The man told me that he got into a misunderstanding with someone else and he was beaten up, his hand was left broken in three places. I asked if I could pray for it, even though he was Muslim he was very open to it, and he said yes. As I started praying, healing instantly started to take place. The stiffness started to loosen up and as I as I was praying the second time it gradually got better. The third time he took off his goth cloth and started to bend his hand and put pressure on it. I stopped and asked him if there was any pain but he said there was no pain! His hand got healed and all the heat, swelling and color from it went away!
God is so amazing as He has continuously shown up in powerful healings and dreams. He loves to speak to His friends about his plans and purposes for His people. The more we listen and steward what He gives the more He will speak and show us. The more we continuously pray for people the more He will answer in healing. I told the story of the muslim man to one of our translators with back pain. She was so amazed at the testimony and because of the story built up her faith, we prayed for her and she got healed instantly! God is just so incredible, He wants to use us and show us His power in each of our lives. After this trip I can definitely say I will never be the same again as God has stunned me with His mighty works of healings and dreams. I pray right now that that God would give you a dream. I believe as you are reading this with any pain, ache or sickness, that you would be HEALED RIGHT NOW! IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!


Zach Bolt, MAPS Student