The Lord’s Faithfulness Never Ceases


From the moment of our arrival we have seen time and time again demonstrations of the Lord’s faithfulness. I will never forget the first week that we were here, going to church Sunday evening and seeing so many familiar faces. One of those faces came up to me after the service and re-introduced herself, we had met a few months before at a prayer event that they have here every year and there I had prayed for her. She had been married for many years, but had never been able to have children, she then pointed down to her stomach to reveal a baby bump, she was three months pregnant, that was the exact amount of months since I had seen her last and had prayed for her to have children. There are many more testimonies that can accompany that one from this trip alone. The Lord is moving in this region and is revealing His faithfulness to those that call upon His name.


The very fact that the local church has only been around for 10 years and has grown dramatically during those years is amazing. In one generation this region has gone from having no evangelical church expression to now having multiple churches in the same area is a sign and a wonder in and of itself.
Every person here has a story that is filled with tales that can be made into movies and written into books. From having to flee their native country in the middle of the night, literally dodging bullets while running away, to having their own families give them death threats because of their choice to follow Christ. But through it all the Lord has been ever present keeping and preserving a people who are willing to sacrifice everything for His sake. And as they keep making the daily choice of saying yes, no matter what the circumstance there is a hope and confidence that the Lord’s faithfulness indeed never ceases.


-Leah Grace, MAPS Leader

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